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      Q: Do my factories have to participate in the WRIP program if we do business with Sears Holdings Corporation in China?

      A: No, any factory actively producing Sears Holdings Corporation merchandise in China may participate in the program so long as they agree to the five requirements discussed above. For factories that falsify their records, underpay their workers and /or work excessive hours, Sears Holdings Corporation strongly encourages participation to reduce the risk that Sears Holdings Corporation will terminate the factory.

      問:如果我的工廠與Sears Holdings Corporation公司在中國有業務協作,都必須參與WRIP改善計劃嗎?

      答:不。只要理解并同意上面的五點要求,任何在中國生產Sears Holding Corporation公司產品的工廠,就可以考慮參與WRIP改善計劃。當工廠支付工人工資低于法定標準,或超時工作,或制作虛假工時工資記錄, Sears Holdings Corporation公司都鼓勵其參與WRIP改善計劃,以降低被Sears Holdings Corporation公司終止合作的風險。

      Q: Can my factory in India participate in this program?

      A: No, this program is for factories in China only. Factories in other countries should work hard to ensure ongoing compliance with local law and the Sears Holdings Corporation Code of Vendor Conduct. If there are challenges to comply, Sears Holdings Corporation encourages the factory to discuss these issues with years Holdings Corporation so that we can work together on developing a corrective action plan.


      答:不可以。WRIP改善計劃僅適用于中國范圍內的Sears Holdings Corporation公司協作工廠。其他國家的協作工廠應努力確保符合所在國(地區)的法律和SEARS公司采購準則。如果在遵守法規和準則有難度時,Sears Holdings Corporation公司鼓勵協作工廠與Sears Holdings Corporation,以便采取更有效的整改措施。

      Q: What are the benefits of participation in the WRIP program?

      A: The benefit includes less frequent audits and the ability to continually produce Sears Holdings Corporation orders so long as the factory adheres to the WRIP requirements. Another key benefit is that factories will develop their own Improvement Plan based on their own business needs. While Sears Holdings Corporation will review the plan, it will likely be accepted so long as it is accurate anti complete, within the standards or other factories in the same area/business, and the factory is willing to make gradual progress to correct noted deficiencies according to the Improvement Plan. This is a key benefit because it allows a factory to determine the timeframe it can make the necessary changes to make sustainable progress towards compliance.


      答:益處包括減少經常性的評估,只要工廠遵循WRIP改善計劃就可以繼續與Sears Holdings Corporation公司合作“更重要的一點,工廠可以基于自己的商業需要提出可行的WRIP改善計劃。當然Sears Holding Corporation公司會參照同區域的業界標準評審這個計劃。只要該計劃準確完善,且工廠愿意依據改善計劃逐步整改,Sears Holdings Corporation公司一般會接受,這是最大的益處。Sears Holdings Corporation公司允許協作工廠依照一定的時間進度進行必要的整改,以達到可接受的狀況。

      Q: Will Sears Holdings Corporation disclose the true working hours and wages to other retailers?

      A: No,all information relating to this program will remain confidential. Sears Holdings Corporation wants WRIP participants to feel comfortable that the information provided to Sears Holdings Corporation will remain confidential.

      問:Sears Holdings Corporation公司會透露工廠真實的工時和工資狀況給其它品牌公司嗎?

      答:不會。所有改善計劃的資料都是機密的。Sears Holdings Corporation公司敬請WRIP改善計劃的參與者放心,你們提供的所有信息都將是保密的。

      Q: What is the, WRIP Improvement Plan?

      A: The WRIP Improvement Plan is the detailed document that lists out key factory data on such issues as average working hours, maximum working hours, minimum pay for regular and overtime hours provided per worker, and the percentage breakdown for all workers by wage rate. To participate in the WRIP Program, factories must provide such detailed information to Sears Holdings Corporation for review based both on actual and Projected/planned information over a one-year time period(the data provided must begin with the recent 2 months prior to the last audit by Sears Holdings Corporation, or begin with the recent 6 months if your factory has not been audited by Sears Holdings Corporation). Sears Holdings Corporation will provide WRIP participants with a formatted excel spreadsheet (Appendix A) with instructions on how to complete the WRIP Improvement Plan.


      答:WRIP改善計劃是協作工廠提供的詳細工時和主資數據。如:平均工作時間,最長工作時間,每月最少休息天數,小時最低工資,加班費,所有員工的工資比率等等。加入WRIP改善計劃,工廠必須提供此類詳細真實的文件和計劃給Sears Holdings Corporation公司評審。此類資料應該是最近一年內的(Sears Holdings Corporation公司曾經審核過的工廠,其提供的查料,應從上一次蕃核前雨個月開始;若是未經Sears Holdings Corporation中核過的工蔽,其提供的資料應從最近六個月開始)。Sears Holdings Corporation公司將為參與WRIP改善計劃的協作工廠提供相應的EXCEL表格和WRIP改善計劃范例(附件A),讓每個參與者可以更好的了解和填寫WRIP改善計劃表.

      Q: What happens if a WRIP factory submits falsified records to Sears Holdings corporation auditors?

      A: Any factory that has been accepted into the WRIP program must provide true and complete records to Sears Holdings Corporation auditors upon request. If a WRIP factory submits falsified records, the factory will be terminated. Once accepted into the WRIP program, all records provided must be accurate. This is a non-negotiable requirement.


      答: 所有已參與WRIP改善計劃的工廠必須按要求提供真實的、有效的、完整的記錄和資料給Sears Holdings Corporation公司的評審員。如果已參與WRIP改善計劃的工廠仍然提供虛假記錄,工廠將被終止合作關系。只要已參與WRIP改善計劃,工廠所提供的記錄就必須是準確無誤的。這是不容改變的先決條件。

      Q: Where can I learn more?

      A: By calling or setting up a meeting with Sears Holdings Corporation labor compliance staff. In particular, factories are encouraged to learn more about this program by contacting Mr. Johnny Wong, Global Compliance Department of Sears Holdings Corporation.

      His phone number is 86-755-82227283 (Shenzhen) /852-27336016 (Hong Kong) and his email address is jwong3@sears.com.


      答:可致電或電郵與Sears Holdings Corporation公司采購準則評審部聯系。有意了解WRIP改善計劃的協作工廠,可聯系Sears Holdings Corporation公司黃先生。

      聯系電話:86-755-82227283(深圳)/ 852- 27336016(香港)

      聯系傳真:86-755-82225440(深圳)/ 852- 27318650(香港)






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